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36th Annual

 Forest Park STAR Invitational


Forest Park Invitational (Rules)

Rules and Regulations
Let the players learn by playing without being told, keep instructions to a minimum.

Laws of the Game:
All games will be played under International rules (FIFA).

Team Eligibility:
Maximum player roster size for U8,U9,U10 playing 6v6 is 12 players.
Maximum player roster size for U11-U12 playing 8v8 is 14 players.
Maximum player roster size for U12-U14 playing 11v11 is 18 players
No roster changes will be permitted after a team has checked in.
All teams must be currently registered with their state, national, or provincial association.

No specially formed all-star teams will be permitted.
Up to 4 players may be added to a team's roster as Guest Players for all age groups U8-U14.

Duration of the Game:
All preliminary round games will be played as 25 minute halves for U8-U10 and 30 minute halves for U11-U14.
Championship games will be:
     25 minute halves for U8, U9 & U10
     30 minute halves for U11 & U12
     35 minute halves for U13 & U14

     A. After a goal by either team
     B. Before any goal kick
     C. Before a throw-in in your favor.  Opponent may sub if throwing teams does.
     D. At halftime or before the start of any overtime period
     E. In case of injury
     F. After a caution, the cautioned player may be substituted

Any player or coach ejected from a game will also be ineligible to participate in the team's next game.

No substitution will be permitted for an ejected player.
If the ejection occurs during a teams last game, the player's or coach's card will be turned into the tournament director and sent to Ohio South office to be processed and sent to the offending team's State jurisdiction.

Failure to Show - Forfeits:
A team must begin with the minimum number of players.

    11v11 - Eight players

    8v8   - Six players

    6v6   - Five players

The referee will start the clock at the scheduled kickoff time.

After ten minutes,  a forfeit will be declared if a team fails to show.

The winning team will be awarded a 1-0 victory.  If both teams fail to show, the score will be posted as 0-0.

Any protest must be presented in writing to the tournament headquarters within one(1) hour of
the completion of the game and must be accompanied by a $150 cash bond which will be
returned only if the protest is upheld. Referee's judgment will not be the basis for protests.

Uniforms and Equipment:
Each Player must wear an official uniform with a number on the back of the shirt.
Each number must be different.
In the event of a color conflict, the home team as listed in the program will change. The home team is the first team listed.
Shin guards are required and must be covered by a sock
Referee's judgment will be final decision if an issue arises due to uniform numbers or colors


Tie Break - Preliminary Round:
In the preliminary round, each victory will be worth three(3) points, each tie one(1) point and each loss zero(0) points.
In the event of a tie in preliminary round standing, the following procedure will be used to determine the division winner:
    a. Winner of the game played between the tied teams. This will not be used if more than 2 teams tie.
    b. Highest Goal spread (i.e.. Goals Scored minus Goals Allowed) up to a maximum of 4 per game.
    c. Fewest goals allowed.
    d. Most defensive shut-outs
    e. Coin Flip. (Tournament Director will determine how the coin flip will occur with the tied teams.)

Tie Break - Championship Round:
In the event of a tie in the championship game, the winner will be determined as follows:
    a. Two five (5) minute periods played to completion.
    b. Penalty kicks

Tie Breakers - Penalty Kicks:
In the event that penalty kicks must be used to determine a winner in the Championship Round, ALL players are eligible to take a kick.

The format will be as follows:
    a. Each team will select five(5) players.
    b. Teams will alternate kicks: the first team to kick will be determined by referee's coin flip
    c. If the score remains tied after five(5) kicks, teams will alternate kicks one at a time until a winner is determined.
    d. Goalies may be changed after any shot.

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